Big Bear Speedway features RT8 Sodi Karts, a mini-race car with features straight from the automotive industry, like self-adjusting hydraulic brakes and vacuum fuel pumps. The leader in the kart racing craze sweeping the country, Sodi Karts balance speed and safety with Four Point seat belts and Extra Enhanced remote controls that the pit crew can shut down or throttle back any or all karts at any time for safety. The karts handle like race cars with pinpoint steering, and the Honda Whisper Motors generate amazing power, enough for cars to lay rubber through turns though virtually impossible to roll. Sodi RT8 sports design elegance and fully adjustable patented pedals to serve up the ultimate race experience.

Go-Kart Rates

Single Kart Race – $15
Must be 62″ tall and 14 years old or with a valid driver license to drive your own kart.
Double Kart Race – $20
Must be 18 years old to drive a double kart and passenger must be a minimum of 42” tall.
*Important: Meeting the height requirement is not a guarantee you’ll be able to race our karts. Drivers will be measured at the location and must be able to safely operate all elements of the kart. Final approval will be at management’s discretion
**Credits are NON TRANSFERABLE and are put on YOUR license. Head socks are required for our helmet.
Speedway, Ropes Course & Summer Tubing open daily!
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