Big Bear Speedway RT8 Sodi Karts

Sodi Kart’s RT8 is a mini-race car with
features straight from the automotive industry,
like self-adjusting hydraulic brakes and
vacuum fuel pumps. The leader in
the kart racing craze that’s sweeping the
country, Sodi Karts balance speed and safety
with Four Point seat belts and Extra Enhanced
remote controls that the pit crew can shut
down or throttle back. any or all karts at
any time for safety.The karts handle like race
cars with pinpoint steering and the Honda
Whisper Motors generate amazing
power, enough for cars to lay rubber through
turns though virtually impossible to roll. Sodi
RT8 sports design elegance and fully
adjustable patented pedals
to serve up the ultimate race experience.
42825 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA