Big Bear Snow Play, once a ski hill known as
Rebel Ridge, sports the longest runs in  
Southern California, serviced by a Magic Carpet
uphill lift that eliminates the tiring uphill struggle
through snow. Lift-assisted inner tubing lets
parents and children conserve their energy for
the thrilling downhill twists and turns and not on
walking uphill!
42825 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA
Get your race on!
Up to 30 MPH!
Experience the thrill and tight turns as you hone
your racing skills!
Newly-opened Big Bear Speedway delivers a
real racing experience with drivers negotiating
Sodi RT8 Karts through a course that’s afifth-of-
a-mile long, filled with hairpin turns and S-
curves. Green, yellow and checkered flags just
like at professional races and Tecpro barriers
used in Formula 1 and circuits around the world
line the track adding to the authentic experience.
Big Bear Speedway has 17 single karts and six
doubles that have two steering wheels and two
brake pedals for training or parent riding with
a child. Up to 11 cars are allowed on the track
at one time but drivers aren’t racing against
each other, they’re competing against the
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Check back soon for opening day
for the 2019/2020 Winter Season!!
We anticipate opening by
Big Bear Speedway Hours
Big Bear Snow Play
Big Bear Speedway
Big Bear Ropes Course
Open Sat. & Sun. 10am - 5pm
Take your family on an invigorating aerial
adventure that will have you balancing on ropes,
crossing bridges and climbing through
obstacles: all from the safety of a climbing
harness!  Our ropes course sends participants
on a self guided tour through 37 obstacles
spread over 6,400sq feet on 2 levels, 12 to 35
feet in the air, offering fun that will elevate your
family vacation to a whole new level.
The 2019 Season has now ended for
Big Bear Speedway.  

See you next Spring!