Big Bear Snowplay is open for the 2017 2018
winter season.
Big Bear Snow Play, once a ski hill known as
Rebel Ridge, sports the longest runs in  
Southern California, serviced by a Magic Carpet
uphill lift that eliminates the tiring uphill struggle
through snow. Lift-assisted inner tubing lets
parents and children conserve their energy for
the thrilling downhill twists and turns and not on
walking uphill!
Big Bear Snow Play Introduces Night
Tubing this winter
The former ski area known as Rebel Ridge,
which introduced snowmaking to Southern
California in the late 1950’s, has been a family
favorite for inner tubing through generations as
parents who grew up sliding here are now
bringing their kids. Now families can make
memories there at night too, as Big Bear Snow
Play opens for after dark tubing sessions
Fridays, Saturdays and holiday periods from    
5-9 pm
Nightly Snow Making
and Grooming
When it is cold enough we make our own snow.
Whether it's natural or man made, you'll have a
fun packed day on our spacious snow play hill!
Great snow making conditions at Big Bear Snow
Play mean there’s plenty of beautiful,
fluffy white snow for families to slide downhill on.
Big Bear Snow Play is reporting
spring conditions. The Big
Bear Lake recreation area sports powerful
Lenko fan guns that have blanketed it's slopes.
42825 Big Bear Blvd Big Bear Lake, CA
Big Bear Speedway is closed for the 2017
summer season. We look forward to seeing
you in the spring of 2018.
Get your race on!
Up to 30 MPH!
Experience the thrill and tight turns as you hone
your racing skills!
Newly-opened Big Bear Speedway delivers a
real racing experience with drivers negotiating
Sodi RT8 Karts through a course that’s afifth-of-
a-mile long, filled with hairpin turns and S-
curves. Green, yellow and checkered flags just
like at professional races and Tecpro barriers
used in Formula 1 and circuits around the world
line the track adding to the authentic experience.
Big Bear Speedway has 17 single karts and six
doubles that have two steering wheels and two
brake pedals for training or parent riding with
a child. Up to 11 cars are allowed on the track
at one time but drivers aren’t racing against
each other, they’re competing against the
Big Bear Snow Play Hours
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HOURS & Rates:

Day session:  Daily from 10am to 4pm ** EXCEPT CHRISTMAS DAY FROM 11:00AM TO 4PM **
Rate: $35 per person. Day session is valid from 10am to 4pm only

NIGHT Glow Tubing: 5pm to 9pm.
Friday, Saturday Nights and Holiday period.
December 15th thru January 6th
FEBURARY 16TH - 18TH 2018

Rate: $30 per person. Night Session is valid from 5pm to 9pm.
Please note: Day session and Night Glow Tubing Session are 2 different admission.

The cost is $35.00 per person day session. . Children between the ages of 2 to 6 years of age are free
with a  paying adult, and ride on the same inner tube with the adult. One adult per child ( Between the
ages of 2 to 6 years of age) are allowed to go pass the snow play gate.

Do you accept credit cards?
We do not accept credit cards. We accept cash only. We do have an ATM inside our main building.

Everyone must sign our waiver
All riders will be required to review and sign an electronic release of liability and assumption of risk
waiver before tubing, and those individuals under age 18 will need the additional signature of a parent
or legal guardian.
Click here for our waiver.